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Compton & Co. is a firm of Accountants established since 1985. Its reputation as an efficient firm of accountants has grown and has attracted a large number of companies.

In today’s ever changing world, clients need to be confident that their financial affairs are in good hands. This confidence is gained by our personal approach to professional matters and by the results achieved by our advice and recommendations.

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With our help and professional expertise, your finances will be a worry of the past.

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Our Clients

Our general practice attracts entrepreneurs from many walks of life who feel that they will benefit from a close working relationship with our firm. It is easy to understand that different economic needs are required to be financially successful for individuals and businesses in today's ever-increasing economic environment.

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What Can We Do For You?

We will help you to our level best with your independent financial needs and requirements. With our friendly and well-trained staff who have many years of experience in dealing with a variety of types of businesses, they will be able to guide you in the best manner. With our help and professional expertise, your finances will be a worry of the past.

What About Our Reputation?

Being established for over twenty years has earned us a strong reputation in the world of accountancy. With so much experience and a growing clientele, we are proud of our status and are very confident that we will be able to deal with your business with the same integrity and creativity that has made us unique in the field.

With our expert advice on issues including VAT and Tax along with a huge range of services to offer, we are convinced that Compton and Co. can satisfy all your business requirements and guide your business for future success.


After changing our accountants to Compton and Co, we found them to be extremely helpful and efficient

  • After changing our accountants to Compton and Co, we found them to be extremely helpful and efficient.
  • They provide excellent business support for my business ”.
  • I would have no hesitation recommending Compton and Co. to others as they have reduced my tax bill substantially.
  • They really helped me understand the various issues when I was starting up my business.
  • Compton and Co. are always willing to help and advise.
  • they completely restructured my business so I put more money in my pocket rather than the taxman's!
  • I was so worried about my VAT investigation - but Compton and Co. did an excellent job with dealing with them and putting my mind at ease.
  • Not only do you provide sound advice, you also have excellent resources for the budding business entrepreneur.
  • True professionals on top of their game.
  • You are cost effective and provide an excellent service.
  • My books were in a complete mess before you put them on straight and narrow! Your help at that time will not be forgotten.
  • Even though we are based abroad, you are still an easy and a very helpful firm to deal with.
  • Your advice in buying my new business was priceless and it was good to know that I have an excellent team of accountants that I can always rely on.
  • You provide a first class service at a first class price – thank you!
  • Your advise has turned my struggling business into a flourishing one.
  • Since my time with Compton and Co, my tax returns have never been late, nor have I ever had any penalties and that's the way I like it!
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